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After a wonderful weekend Monday morning can be somewhat of a let down, especially when the week decides to start with drizzle and dull skies.

Not wanting to give in to the lull that has settled around me, I am listening to Fleetwood Mac and pretending I am still in the Point dancing in my seat – a long climb up from the stage but with a brilliant view and great acoustic.

The concert was fantastic, the music perfect and I just couldn’t get over the fact that hippie queen and singing poet Stevie Nicks is now 67.  The entire band are all well into retirement age (songbird Christine McVie is over 70) but that really didn’t stop them from performing live for more than two and half hours.

It was inspiring to see people do what they love doing with such passion, even after over 40 years, and I was amazed at how the quality of sound and song was a good as ever – even if some of the moves on stage were a little comical, after all a 65 year old Lindsey Buckingham does not leap across the stage quite as agile as he once did and Stevie’s twirling is a little slower and less graceful.

But all in all it is truly amazing to witness enduring talent. Of course Fleetwood Mac has had it’s ups and downs but overall I think one could say they have had long-lasting success – one not many can compare with.

So as I climbed down from my seat up high I couldn’t help but think that everything that goes up must come down. And while that is true it also means that what is down can go up. Hopefully a thought that will help me get my work done this week, always thinking about how the long climb up will be rewarded.

Fleetwood Mac in Dublin, July 2015

A view from my seat up high – Fleetwood Mac in Dublin, July 2015