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Over the past week I have been sharing my home with my wonderful friend and gifted photographer Dragana Jurisic. It had been an exciting week for her as her long awaited book YU: The Lost Country was launched, she was part of a group exhibition –  (It’s kind of like) telephone as part of Photo Ireland and the English Independent Magazine featured her work in it’s weekend supplement.

For me it has been a busy and interesting week as well – for many reasons – and I have thoroughly enjoyed myself. Between writing and appointments I have relished experiencing, first hand, what living with an artist is like.

Lounging in bed for most of the morning seems to be big a part of it, but it’s not lazy dreaminess that keeps the artist trapped between the sheets, its the cozy comfort and  proximity to the plugs attached to the socket in the wall that keep her captivated. Her laptop and iPad balanced on her knees while her fingers hurry across the keys, always communicating, always working, her ears covered in bright-red earphones, drowning out the sounds of the mundane world outside.

Always the good hostess I have provide coffee and breakfast in bed, prepared healthy, hearty lunches and savoured the insightful banter, laughs and creative chit-chat along with my salad dressing.

The afternoon then beckons the artist to leave her retreat and a flurry of showers, ironing and clothing decisions accompanied by a plan ushers the artist out the door and into a waiting world – a mixture of appointments (both work and social),  is a well constructed cocktail that paves the way into the evening which is filled with exhibitions, launches, free wine and lots of networking until late into the night.

After my week living with an artist and witnessing how productive this way of life can be, I am now – even more so than before – a firm believer that nine to five really doesn’t fit all and doesn’t always allow a creative mind to find it’s wings.

Dragana, beautiful inside and out  (Picture part of the exhibition (It's kind of liek) telephone

Dragana, beautiful inside and out (selfportrait part of the exhibition (It’s kind of like) telephone)

Th Independent Magazine goes all out

Th Independent Magazine goes all out

Dragana's book  YU: The Lost Country

Dragana’s beautiful book YU: The Lost Country