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Every now and then I love spending time on my own, doing nothing much other than be. Cups of tea, a book, some music, maybe later a film and the day is a perfect antidote to a hectic schedule.

And sometimes Sundays are the best day to take time out and breath, especially when the week has been filled with a snotty nose and blurry eyes. Luckily today the nose is nearly clear and my eyes less itchy so it does mean I can breath a little bit freer today, but unluckily everything has shifted to my right ear, clogging up my  hearing and muffling the sound.

I am hoping that with a day of rest it will clear up, otherwise I will just have to pay the doctor a visit. So sometimes Sundays are just a day of waiting for what is to come, a pit-stop before a busy week, a dock to recharge the batteries on.

So while I enjoy a quite day in my own company I will indulge in some magazines I bought at the airport and hope that tomorrow my head will be unclogged and free, ready for a new week filled with new thoughts and unexpected experiences.

Sunday clears away the rust of the whole week

Joseph Addison

reading for today

reading for today