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Yesterday I had a few errands to run so I took the bus into town.  At my stop I disembarked and was about to go on my merry way when something rather unusual happened – a small man attached himself to my side and started to chat me up.

Now the gentleman in question was about a head shorter than I, had grey, somewhat receding hair, was somewhere between 48-55 and his teeth looked in need of attention. He was wearing a new suit, it practically still had the labels on it and his short legs were working fast to keep up with me.

This strange little man started a conversation in the good-old-fashioned “great weather we are having”  way and continued to babble on about the summer, the sun , the rain. I barely understood his thick inner-city Dublin accent (the few missing teeth didn’t help) but was polite, friendly and nodded a lot.

After a few meters it became very clear that this stranger meant business and no matter how long my strides were he continued to half-jog beside me. And fair play to him, within 100 meters he had told me that he owned a four-bedroom-house but was unmarried with no children and didn’t enjoy it being so lonely at home.

Once my suitor had established this he went one to lament the fact that you just can’t meet “the one” in clubs or pubs and then launched into something about his job at a Spanish Restaurant in town and told me I should come and he’d ‘make sure’ that I’d get a good deal.

As we crossed the street I really wasn’t sure how to shake him off and seriously contemplated ducking in to “Ann Summers” (a lingerie and more shop) but thought he may take it as an invitation so decided against it.

So, just as he was pushing a business card of the restaurant into my hand I did the next best thing, smiled said good bye and turned into a shoe shop. As I turned my back I heard him shout after me “I do hope to see you soon.”

Feeling somewhere between creeped out and flattered I spent the afternoon running my errands and keeping my eyes peeled to see if my paramour was following me. And I have to say that I am quite glad to be gone for the next two weeks, maybe he’ll find another to admire in that time and I’ll be safe once more.