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As I was getting lost on my way down from Connemara to Killarney this weekend, I began to get a little bit frustrated about the fact that I didn’t quite know where I was, and even the beautiful scenery around me could only distract me a little bit.

With no sat-nav in my car and little to no signal in the hills of the wild west I had to go old fashioned and use a map and look for signposts – a rarity in Ireland, nearly extinct. Eventually I did, what all sensible women do (men seem to struggle wit this idea), and stopped to ask for the way.

As I drove off in the right direction I couldn’t help but think about how we seem to be  in constant state of searching. If it’s not looking for directions, we seem to be searching for a pen, the scissors, a certain ingredient or even a new job, the right word, some extra time or someone to love.

Funny how once we find one thing we start looking for the next. And while it may not always be an active state of rifling through drawers or flicking the pages of a thesaurus our mind often is preoccupied with looking for a memory, a name or even the next challenge.

A rainbow greeted me when I finally arrived in Killarney, and as I followed it to the hotel I was staying in I couldn’t help but think that maybe, before I went in search for my friend, it was time to enjoy the finding a little longer, so I had a cup of tea. As I sipped the hot brew I decided that in future I would enjoy the searching more, and savour the finding.

finding my goal at the end of a rainbow

finding my goal at the end of a rainbow