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Yesterday was a bank holiday here in Ireland turning a long week into a short one. But this morning, as I was writing up my to-do-list, I discovered that I have more to do than I thought and a long list and a a short week isn’t really a good combination.

However as the rain has decided to return and is beating down against my window it makes being stuck behind my desk a little bit easier. After all staying indoors is so much harder when sun is beckoning you out to play.

On the bright side, my window boxes are loving the rain. On Sunday afternoon I took the time to tidy them up and plant some flowers. Now all I have to do is to wait for them to bloom and turn the path outside my door into a little urban garden.

So for now I will steadily work my way through my long list and hope the short week doesn’t pass too quickly. And maybe the sun will return allowing me to spend a few moments on my blue bench.