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church of the spilled blooddetail4  detail2  detail    detail3Intricate is a word that evokes so many thoughts and ideas, but when I read what the word challenge was of the week my first thoughts went back to a trip I took to St Petersburg, Russia a few years ago.

One of the most interesting buildings in St Petersburg is the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood (also known as  Church on Spilt Blood and Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ).

Completed in 1907 the Church harks back to medieval Russian architecture, unusual in St Petersburg as most of this incredible city is Baroque. But while it is a beautiful building on the outside, it was the inside that awed me.

The entire interior of the church is covered in mosaic, over 7500 square meters of it. And while it was heavily damaged during the Russian Revolution (1917) it has been restored and reopened to the public.

The intricate work is made up of tiny multi-coloured stones, all no larger than my thumbnail, and I cannot fathom how long it must have taken the artist to create such beauty.