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big bubbles in Berlin

big bubbles in Berlin

Today, all the buses were on strike in Dublin – and since traffic is bad on any normal day, today it was total chaos. It would have been the perfect day to stay home, but the pressing matter of having to input all my grades meant I had to make my way across the Liffey.

Not liking to cycle into town on the best of days, I opted to go on foot and so I promenaded my way into town.

Luckily it was dry, if a little windy, and once the work was done there was no need to hurry, so I wandered around town running a few errands. In one of the shops I saw some bubbles on sale and I couldn’t help but let my inner-child take over for a while and buy some to entertain myself with.

I know I must have been a comical sight, but I enjoyed myself immensely as I walked back home blowing bubbles all the way. At times it was even windy enough to just hold up the little wand and let gusts of fresh air create dancing rainbow orbs. It really was the perfect day for bubbles!

Some strangers did give me a few quizzical looks and a man on a bike even asked me how old I thought I was, I answered back, with a big grin and a burst of bubbles; “right now I think I’m six!”