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I can’t believe what happened to me yesterday. It was a sunny afternoon and I had just come back from one of those appointments, where you have to fill in lots of forms and never seem to have them all right or are always missing one.

My neighbours were outside watching their kids play on their running bike. I joined them for a little while for a quick chat when suddenly I became a standing target.

A bypassing bird decided it was the perfect time to relieve itself and, with no consideration for us earth-dwellers, dropped some poop which landed on my hair and shoulder. Not all of it but enough of it to make me feel not so lucky- and the bird  didn’t even stop and say sorry.

I have no idea who come up with the notion that being pooped on by birds brings you luck, but whoever it was probably was never pooped on. And I wonder if maybe the belief was created to make the poopee feel less bad about the fact that they are covered in yuck.

But maybe I should just decide to take the superstition and believe that “wealth from the heavens” is now coming my way to make up for the sticky, white inconvenience. After all who says lucky things can’s come in yucky packages?