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Does anyone else have this problem? Or is it just me?  Maybe I should explain where my frustration is coming from.

As someone who lives near enough to Dublin inner city I don’t have a wheelie bin. Not only do I not have the space to store one I don’t even have that option of owning one. So like so many other city dwellers have to rely on bin bags.

Not just any old bin bags, but specifically ones issued by Greyhound (the privatized company that collects our waste) you buy at designated stores, and they don’t come cheap. Red ones for general waste, transparent ones for recyclables.

Every week big bin lorries come clattering down our tiny street and gather up all the general waste bags, every other week they come and collect the recycle ones. Only they don’t!

For two weeks now our street is being littered due to uncollected bags of paper and plastic, and since they are only ever collected bi-weekly they always tend to be full, burstingly so. Some of us brought them back indoors, or at least put them in to our tiny yards, but many falsely trusted that Greyhound would eventually come around and pick up what we paid for.

Now these bursting bin bags seem to have become a permanent fixture and I find it increasingly annoying that, like so often, a big company does a s they please and the ‘little people” are the ones that suffer. I know it may only be a small thing compared to all that is going on in the world, but it annoys me none the less.

And to not just sit and complain I will be spending some time this afternoon contacting Greyhound and requesting all the exploding bin bags to be picked up. After all they have been paid and they should just do their job.