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busy hands last year at Mud Island Community Garden

busy hands last year at Mud Island Community Garden

Yesterday a gentle knock on my door interrupted an afternoon at my desk. My nine-year-old neighbour was standing outside holding a ball of wool and some knitting needles in her hand and asked me if I could teach her how to knit.

Unable to say no to the little girl in a ponytail I put on my red clogs and sat down on my blue bench. My young protegee watched as I showed her how to make a stitch and soon she was in deep concentration as she “went in through the bunny hole, around the tree, up she come as and off she goes”, creating one pearl after the other.

In no time a gaggle of kids was gathered around us, wondering what we were up to, big eyes, dirty faces and lots of questions. And a few minutes later a second little girl was perched on my blue bench, head bent over some knitting needles and wool.

And while it will take a lot of patience and practice for these two beginners to move on from pearl to plain,  I am sure I will never forget our impromptu roadside knitting in the sun.