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It finally happened, I have been expecting, anticipating it for months now, my toaster died this morning. It did so in quite a dramatic fashion. The toast popped and all lights went out, leaving my kettle half boiled and me a  little stunned.

I flicked the switch on my fuse-box and all electrical goods beeped, peeped and bleeped back to life and I put the kettle back to boil. As I munched my toast my mind wandered and I forgot what had happened not 20 minutes earlier and put a new slice into the slots and, no surprise, the same thing happened again. the toaster popped out the lightly baked bread and blew the fuse again.

I resigned to the fact that the toaster had lived out it’s useful life, after about eight years of toasting and popping not a bad investment. Too busy to do anything much about it I left the dead toaster where it lives on the kitchen counter, to be disposed of at a later time

But then the strangest thing happened.

When I came back from lecturing I reheated the leak and carrot soup I had made last night and without thinking popped the last slice of toast into the toaster to dip and thunk. I made my tea, waited for the pop and buttered the toast, when suddenly I remembered the fiasco this morning. Somehow my toaster has revived itself and will live to pop for another day.

revived toaster

revived toaster