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sunshine over Dollymount Strand

sunshine over Dollymount Strand

Over the past few day Dublin has been bathed in beautiful sunshine. Near cloudless skies and warm sunshine has changed everyone’s mood, happy smiles, sockless feet and t-shirts are everywhere you look.

The only downside to this sunny weather is the fact that most of us are all stuck indoors most of the time – working. Fluttering outside to enjoy a few rays during lunch or deciding to walk home instead of taking the bus, a cup of coffee in hand, the brave even opting for ice-cream, is all most of us can do to enjoy these gorgeous days.

Sadly these sunny days aren’t here to stay and come tomorrow Dublin will paint it’s face grey again. Puddles will replace those sunny pockets in the streets and clouds will colour the skies dark shades of blue.

With that in mind I will try and make the most of today, try and squeeze an hour to enjoy the sunshine while it lasts. But since I do have an extremely busy weekend ahead of me I won’t mind the change in weather too much, I just hope the sun will return once schools out for summer.