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late night on North Strand

late night on North Strand

I was teaching late last night so I decided to drop in Dragana and see how her wonderful project #100Muses is coming along, and I have to say it is looking stunning. I brought a bottle of wine and we sat and chatted until very late into the night.

It was close to 2am when I left and as I wandered down the nearly deserted North Strand I couldn’t help but feel very grateful for the place that I live in. The moon was nearly full and illuminated the sleeping world around me.

I was close to home when I heard my name being called and as I turned around someone I know was on her bike right behind me. It was such an odd place and time to meet, but I hadn’t seen her in a while and we chatted for a while, as if it were mid-afternoon, not well past midnight.

After a hug and a promise to meet for coffee, she cycled off into the night and wandered the few hundred meters home alone, a smile on my face loving my late night encounter.