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Having a quiet Easter is turning out to be wonderful. Yesterday afternoon I spent my time baking an Easter loaf and this morning I am loving the fact that I did, it really does make for a very yummy breakfast.

Last night my friend Dragana invited me and another friend D. over to dinner. She cooked a delicious chickpea and  chorizo stew. As the three of us sat over bowls of comfort food and filled Dragana’s new home with laughter I couldn’t but think of Shakespeare’s three witches, but in the best possible way.

As the evening grew dark we walked down to my local, the Annesley House, and enjoyed a night of poetry, music and dance. The first performance we saw was by the incredible duo Nic Gareiss and Maeve Gilchrist from “This is How we Fly”.

Maeve was like some sort of delicate elfin being who plucked her harp with grace, creating wonderful melodies that Nic danced along to. I have never seen such a magnificent combination, his soft shoes tapping out a beat to support the harp, sand changing the sound, the height of his jumps mixing up the beat. If you haven’t heard of them before, do check them out you will be in for an incredible treat, just click here and enjoy: Maeve Gilchrist and Nic Gareiss.

Over G&T we then listened to poems by Demitra X and later to the punk influenced by BeRn, and as the night came to an end Dragana met a few future muses (#100Muses outtakes of #MyOwnUnknown) and that alone was worth the night.

Today I just enjoy a few marzipan Easter Eggs, maybe later a walk on the beach and I will use my free time to write and just enjoy the day. All in all I have to say I really am having a perfectly happy Easter.

easter loaf2