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Today was another one of those grey days in Dublin, one that never seems to see the sun. In addition to the lack of sunlight, low hanging clouds covered the city, damp air clinging to every fiber, drizzly rain creating shallow puddles and wet feet.

As I ran around town, lots of errands on my to-do-list, my hair decided to swirl, twist, kink and frizz in the misty wet weather. My Afro grew as the day went and I ended up with wet shoes, drenched by awkwardly placed puddles.

I made my way home through the hazy streets and couldn’t help but long for a cup of hot tea and woolly socks – and maybe some chocolate egg, after all it is Easter this weekend. With thoughts of tea and my freezing feet calling for warmth I opened my front door and found a lovely surprise. Two parcels from Germany were waiting for me, one from Godmother and one from my brothers family.

Now this Easter weekend can truly start, and I can’t wait to find out what is hidden inside those big envelopes, I am sure some sugary goodness to sweeten the days, three more sleeps and I will find out!