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odessaDublin is filled with pubs and bars and last night I found myself inside the Odessa, a salon like club in the middle of town. At the height of the Celtic Tiger the Odessa was a private – members only – club and with its four stories of restaurants, bars and function rooms a hot spot for all high flyers to hang out in. Now everyone can venture in and visit this old fashioned gem in Dublin City Center and if you’re lucky you’ll find some very talented people performing in the upstairs bar.

Yesterday the wonderful Jennifer Evans was singing and I sat perched on a leather puffee sipping some G&T enjoying her unique sound and incredible voice . I went on my own but was delighted to find some friendly faces amongst the other music lovers.

As the saying goes, ‘good things come in small packages’, and this description truly fits Dubliner Jennifer Evans. This tiny person has an unbelievable voice, strong and deep and when listening you can’t fathom how such volume can come out of such a petite person.

Some midweek music was the perfect way to spend my Wednesday night and well worth running through the rain for.