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Over the last few mornings a thick curtain of fog has covered most of Ireland dipping everything into a fuzzy world of haziness. Early today when I looked out of the window it was like gazing through frosted glass, a magical atmosphere of surreal reality.

But as the day matured the sun finally broke through the fog, the warmth of it’s rays penetrating through awakening the world and everything in it. Edges emerging from the haze, colours suddenly appearing.

As I walked home after a few hours of lecturing I couldn’t help but feel a promise of the summer in the air, a few brave souls baring chalky legs to the spring sun and birds singing in the trees. I can’t believe that there are only four weeks of teaching left in this semester, time is speeding up and the year is advancing quickly.

But for now I’ll enjoy these slow foggy awakenings, allow the day to start off a little unclear and be surprised by what the sun then later brings to light.