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Going into town this morning was very strange, there was a sleepy slumber on Dublin, only tourists and a few workplace stragglers populated the streets. It truly felt like the calm before the storm – Paddy’s Day (not Patti’s or Patty’s day!!!) Eve, as many a publican has dubbed it, is kicking off tonight and I am sure no one will go thirsty.

It didn’t really surprise me that none of my students showed up, so as I walked home, dodging the tourists wearing sparkly green disco boppers and felt leprechaun hats meandering around the semi deserted streets, I couldn’t help but feel like I was on holidays.

So now, while Dublin is preparing for it’s big party tomorrow in celebration of the man who drove the snakes out of Ireland, I am looking forward to a quite day at home. Like many a true Dubliner I will be staying far away from the city center tomorrow, and maybe I will even celebrate paddy’s day in my PJs.