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Oh what a night – gin punch, chandeliers, blackjack tables, Charleston tunes and everyone dressed up in their flappers finest. Boater hats, dicky bows, fringe dresses, pearls and turbans as far as the eye could see – it really was like stepping back in time.

Film Fatal had booked a stunning location for the event, the IMMA (Irish Museum of Modern Art) opened up it’s doors to all those who wanted to Lindy Hop creating a unique atmosphere.

My friend A. and I got dressed up, put our dancing shoes on, hailed a cap and entered the 1920s in style. Not a minute was boring as we wandered from room to room, chandeliers and candles guiding our way, and a rag time band supplying an incredible soundtrack.

On arrival all soiree guests received some play-money and somehow A. managed to double hers, while I seemed to always win as much as I lost, leaving me with a stack of chips and a smile.

We sat out enjoying a un-era-like hamburger in the courtyard square, A. smoking a cheeky cigarette and I enthralled by the view – dancing couples through cloudy window panes, soft-light and gentle music creating a magical vibe, otherworldly and vibrant.

The bathtub gin punch was good, the whiskey one was better -oddly as I am not a whiskey drinker- the burlesque dancers were okay, and it all just added to the atmosphere of pure pleasure and fun – over the top extravagance in the perfect setting.

In the end, as the bathtubs ran low and the lights were dimmed, my friend and I bet all our chips on the last game of the night, and as Glenn the croupier dealt the last cards emotions ran high and we lost it all and had a swell time doing so.