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This morning the sun isn’t coming out to play and grey skies a looking down gloomily from above. With a long day ahead of me I can’t help but feel a little bit tired already.

And when  I look at my calendar with all the appointments and events marked in with pencil I already know the week will stretch, like a rubber-band, with very little time for sleep. But after my gift of time yesterday I suppose I shouldn’t complain.

But when the days are grey and the sun seems to be having a bit of time off, you can’t help but feel a little bit sapped of energy. It’s as if the world is on snooze, a stand-by mode that keeps things ticking over, but not really working to it’s highest capability.

However it is only March and we will hopefully have a long sunny summer ahead of us (according to the New Zealand weather Guru Ken Ring it will be sunnier than average but not a scorcher like two years ago).

And since it is just the beginning of spring, maybe all those hidden flower bulbs and seeds simply need a little bit more resting time before they fill our world with vivid colours. And hopefully by then the sun will have waken up from it’s slumber and filled our spirits with sunny joy.

But for today I will just drink some strong coffee to waken me up, keep as active as I can to keep myself from dozing and hope that I can crawl in to bed a little earlier tonight, restful sleep preparing me for tomorrow even if the forecast does say the grey clouds are here to stay.