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my new mop

my new mop

What do you do when you suddenly have two hours at your disposal- unplanned? You go out an buy a mop!

At least that is what I did this morning when my students didn’t show up for class. It was a beautiful spring morning and the sun flooded the class room as I sat and waited for my students to make an appearance. I watched the minutes pass by and decided that 25 was enough wasted on waiting.

When I left the class room an unusual feeling of playing hooky crept up inside me, a sensation I haven’t felt since being a student myself. And since I wasn’t really bunking off but was just given the gift of some extra free time, I allowed myself to enjoy the sun and run a few errands I was planning on doing in the afternoon.

I took my time wandering around the streets of the south side city center, enjoying myself, the warm sun glinting of the shop windows and making everyone smile. There really is something magical about a sunny day in Dublin.

With my bag filled with the bit’s and bobs I needed, a mop in my hand and some coffee in my belly I returned back to college to take up some lecturing. My morning of freedom was up, but the sense of happiness still lingering on my face –  and an extra bonus is the fact I’ll get paid for it.