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Winter is back in Dublin, but it has brought the sun. So while the temperatures have dropped, a definite chill is in the air, the sun is sparkling off the icy roofs.

I love this kind of weather, that certain chilly nip that pinches your cheeks and makes your eyes sparkle. I love how the cold awakens your skin and the wind tossels your hair, and you feel warm all wrapped upside a wooly jacket, coat, or (like in my case) a bright red poncho.

The only problem I have is that it makes getting up in the mornings that little bit harder. When you are all curled up and cosy under your blanket and you know once you trow it off you’ll be greeted with a freezing blast of air. As soon as you enter the crisp cold morning you’ll have to move fast, get dressed quickly to get warm. Especially my toes seem to suffer a little, but as soon as I pull on my socks and move around the brisk awakening is quickly forgotten – until the next morning when the tip of your nose alerts you to another chilly day.