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Half six in the morning and a loud ‘boo’ from a small boy calls me to attention! My three-year-old nephew needs me to come and play, so I end up playing pirates in my PJs, my unkempt curly hair stuffed under a pirates hat, brandishing a plastic sword  and shouting ‘arrgh’.

Last week that is how I started my day, mostly followed by a  messy breakfast – my nephew face covered in ‘chocolate spread’ and my nine-month-old niece gleefully waving a spoon while I try to wipe mash off her face – story time and a full day packed with giggles, Kindergarten runs, Lego adventures, and some cross words … mostly from my nephew when I wasn’t doing as I was told.

Now it’s Monday morning and reality has me back, my wake-up call no longer comes with cuddles and hugs and I am swapping my sword for a laptop. And while I will miss sticky fingers and sloppy kisses I have to say I am happy to be back home – if not so happy about the pile of work I left behind and need to tackle today.

But I can’t believe it is March (where is all that time going?), Paddy’s Day is in a few weeks, Easter is just a bunny hop, skip and a jump away and before I’ll know it the semester will be up.

However the sun is shining and the world looks like a friendly place, so what better way to start the day – even month? So armed with my large cup of tea and a happy inner glow, I will embrace this Monday morning reality and jump into March with both feet and see where I land.

Life’s pretty good, and why wouldn’t it be? I’m a pirate, after all.

Johnny Depp