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I’ve run out of milk! I am not a big milk drinker the white beverage often feels ignored in my fridge and turns little bit sour on me. Normally when that happens I just run out and get myself half a pint, some for my tea, some for my porridge. But today I am left with the conundrum: to buy or not to buy?

If I purchase some mike I’ll never use it all before I leave for Germany tomorrow- if I don’t I forgo the delights of a perfect cup of tea. Torn between want I’d like and what would be the sensible thing to do I can’t help but wonder if my question of milk is just part of  a bigger one.

After all we are often in the position of having to choose between what we’d like and what would be good, for us, our health, our purse, others, the world and so forth. So now while my lack of milk may only be a tiny issue, it does make me wonder about some other questions.

But since I can’t really find all the answers today, and some questions may need to stew a little longer, I think for now no milk today is all I can decide upon.

my empty milk bottles

my empty milk bottles