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Today I spend all afternoon on the phone  with a friend. Ever since I was a teenager I have loved chatting with that little plastic receiver pressed up against my ear. Whether for minutes or hours makes little difference, the time spent talking about all and nothing, sharing stories and secrets, always seems to be time well spent.

I do sometimes wonder if it is that magical element of a friend sounding so tantalizing near no matter how far away they really are that gives phone-calls that special element. Or maybe it is the fact that you can’t actually see the person you are talking to that makes it so easy to spill a few hidden tales that we otherwise like to keep hidden behind a veil of silence.

And while I do love the fact that facetime and skype allow me to see the people I care about, the old-fashioned phone still holds a certain charm and enchantment for me. However the way technology is going I think, like letters, cradling that close to your ear will soon be a thing of the past.

But for now I will enjoy those times I spend laughing and crying with friends over the land-line, hot ears a warm reminder of the minutes spend with lots to say.

my little red phone

my little red phone