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Today was truly a spring-filled day,  the yellow and purple crocuses (or croci) on my windowsill greeted me with happy nods, the Liffey sparkled in the sun, and there was just the perfect amount of chill to the breeze to make you snuggle up in your warm jacket.

Deciding to enjoy the sun a little longer I took a different route to my bus-stop and on my way I remembered a new book shop that just opened last week. It is called Books Upstairs and is on D’Olier Street right in Dublin city center. As an independent bookshop it has a different range of books, real book enthusiast who work there and, as an added bonus, it even has it’s very own coffee shop upstairs.

Not wanting to resist the urge to stop and browse (and buy a little something for my big sister) I entered into the world of literature and stayed to sip a cup of cappuccino in an alcove overlooking the street. Quite music playing, the hissing of the coffee maker, the low rumble of the bussed passing by all created a wonderfully relaxing and fragrant atmosphere and made me want to stay.

But even if I had to leave I will be back, if not lured by the books and coffee, then because of the promise of readings and other bookish events.


The upsatirs window in which I sat, one I have always wondered about when passing by

The upstairs window in which I sat, one I have always wondered about when passing by