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I have just spent more than an hour on the phone, and not because I was having a particularly long girly chat with a friend or was interviewing someone or was ordering lots of shoes, no I was on the phone trying to solve some long standing issues I am having with my internet provider.

As someone who sits many hours in front of her keyboard staring into the world wide web my internet connection is a big part of my every day life. Sadly that connection has not been going smoothly since Christmas and there have been many hangups, time-outs, up-load and streaming issues.

After several phone calls, emails and even a letter of complaint over the past six weeks the issue is still unresolved, even after an hour wasted chatting to FIVE different departments.

Maybe it wouldn’t annoy me so much if I had the feeling that they where trying to help me, but after two hang-ups (yes two people psychically hung up on me) and being asked by a customer-care person: “what do expect me to do?” , I can clearly state that UPC really doesn’t seem to be interested me and my problem.

As someone who has been a loyal customer for nearly 10 years I find that more than just a little insulting, especially since they are upping their price by €5 and are advertising with the fasted broadband speeds in Ireland.

Now I am left with a very unsatisfied feeling in the pit of my stomach, a slight sense of rage niggling the back of my mind and a big question-mark occupying my thoughts. After all even if I switch my provider I may be paying less but the service isn’t better either.

Strange how something that should be saving time and making life easier seems to have so many hidden traps and inbuilt time wasters.

There is no good way to waste your time. Wasting time is just wasting time.

Helen Mirren