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Today one of my students had a bit of a cry. Overwhelmed by the stress of working, studying and running her first own home the emotions ran a little wild and trickled down her face in wet, unhappy tears.

I did my best to console but I couldn’t help but wonder about the demands this modern world puts on us all. Between working, paying the bills, shopping, cleaning, new projects, possible hobbies, friends and family we seem to have no time at all to take a breath and process.

All the ideas, thoughts, stress, anger, hurt and emotions cartwheel around inside of us, banging into each other, overturning logic and any sense of calm we may have had, often leaving no way of escape except through the tear-ducts of our eyes.

So maybe tears are just a way of making space inside of us for new trials and tribulations, allowing a moment of calm to clear up the mess and put things back into place and perspective.

Tears come from the heart and not from the brain.

Leonardo da Vinci