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I have finally given in to the mop on my head and went to the hairdressers today. For weeks now I have been annoyed with my mega frizz and non-shapely do but I just didn’t really know where to go.

When you have curly hair – with a tendency to frizz – like I do it isn’t that easy to find a hairdresser that can cut well and so I don’t go to the salon very often. And when I do I leave feeling a cocktail of emotions –  annoyed being the main ingredient, dissatisfied the flavour, sometimes a hint of upset – and nearly always vowing not to go back.

So today,  when I was walking to the bus after work, I passed by a place I had tried last year and remembered that the lovely Transylvanian hairdresser had done a good job and I wondered why I had never been back.  On a whim I wandered in and yes she was there, had time and within minutes I was perched on her stool.

She washed, chopped, we chatted and I drank tea but when it was time to pay I had to hide my reaction – raised eyebrows, big swallow, shock and awe- at the size of the bill. It suddenly came rushing back to me why I hadn’t gone back – the price was way to high, even if my hair did look good.

So while I do have a new do, my purse is very empty – so whoever said “Beauty knows no pain” has a cheaper hairdresser.