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This week has been filled with friendly faces and it has reminded me of how many wonderful people I know and how many I can call my friends.

On monday I sat over sushi and chatted to the wonderful C. It was one of those Japanese conveyor belt places where you sit and the food trundles past, slowly, while you try and figure out what it actually is – tasty delights all wrapped up in sushi parcels. A rare treat but one both C and I indulged in due to the €3 offer they have currently on Mondays. Afterwards we went to one of my favourite cafes in Dublin and while she enjoyed hot chocolate and cake I sipped my cappuccino and was glad for her company. Together we whiled away the afternoon, talking, laughing, being a little bit silly – perfect for a grey monday.

Yesterday I met up with an author friend who is frantically working on her second book, the deadline looming and her word-count behind. For hours we sat and tried to unravel her plot, reconstructing it, making sense of flaws and fixing plot-holes. It was exciting and I hope I was of some help  – after all it will be her editor who decides. An inspiring evening encouraging me not to give up and keep on typing and trying.

And today I am going to drive up North and visit a friend who followed her heart up to the beautiful lakes of Fermanagh. I will stay a night or two and am looking forward for a long overdue catch-up, getting glimpses of her life that is so different from my own. Sharing her excitement in her new job, dog and other adventures she may have embarked on.

These three fabulous friends as as different from each other as purple is from orange but all three have me in common. And it makes me wonder about how friends reflect who we are, a kaleidoscope of colours and shapes making up beautiful patterns that is our life.

Since there is nothing so well worth having as friend, never lose a chance to make them.

Italian historian/statesman Francesco Guicciardini