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Communication – a big word for our daily struggle to express our wants and needs. It is derived from the Latin word communicare which means ‘to share’ –  so communicating, is really just an expression of how we share our innermost thoughts and feelings, our joy and ideas, our fears and sorrows – both verbal and non-verbal.

As someone who talks fast , and lots, loves to write, no matter if here in this little blog, or in letters and postcards to friends, telling stories to my nephew or to myself and has chose to work in the field of media, it isn’t really a surprise that words is how I like to express myself.

The basic construct of a word are letters, the order you put them in creating a near unlimited possibility of words, sentences in a multitude of languages. When the brilliant Gutenberg invented the movable printing press way back in 1439 he introduced the world to mass communication – a preamble to the internet – he made it possible for people to share their ideas, to express their thoughts with a wide range of people,

A while ago I took some print production students to the national print museum and introduced them to the world of printing the way it basically still was just 20-30 years ago. With the age of the internet and the digital revolution sharing your words may have become so much easier, just a few clicks away, but expressing yourself -nonetheless- hasn’t really become simpler.

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