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The today I made myself a stew, and not to toot my own horn, but it was delicious. Beef stewed in red wine with carrots and onions over some potatoes really is the perfect comfort food on these grey January nights

The problem however was that the pot I was using isn’t the best and a thick crust of ‘close to being burnt’ debris got stuck at the bottom. I knew when I started it could be a possibility but ignored my intuition and was left scrubbing a pot that I may need to get rid of.

As I was scrubbing away I couldn’t help but think about accidents, or unexpected occurrences that seem to interrupt our days, some days seem to be constantly interrupted by unexpected events, not only costing us time but often our last nerve.

For instance on Tuesday I was working at my desk and half an hour before it was time to brave the dark cold wet that had taken over Dublin my full cup of tea decided to topple and spill. Small rivers of tea drenched my desk, my clothes and a puddle of the hot brew gathered around my socks. Luckily for me the tea had cooled off a bit so I wasn’t burnt. But all my paperwork was ruined and I had to get changed, with only a few minutes to spare I arrived in college annoyed and all because of a cup of tea.

But then maybe, if I hadn’t been preoccupied I would have paid more attention to where I put my cup and nothing would have happened. So while those little accidents do annoy us we are often the ones that make them happen. So maybe we should see those little accidents as reminders to be ‘mindful’, as little hints to refocus and not let our autopilot take over too much.

And if all else fails, thankfully a hot bowl of stew can make most thinks better!

The ideal man bears the accidents of life with dignity and grace, making the best of circumstances.