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My lovely siblings and their spouses made me a beautiful gift for Christmas – a voucher for a camera bag.

I own a camera bag, one I bought many years ago – the year still started with a ’19’  back then- and I have used it ever since. it is still okay, no real issues with it – except that it isn’t very pretty – but it is too small. I can just about fit two lenses and my flash into it , but there is no room for the camera itself and when I do manage to save up for a further lens it will not fit.

So with the voucher from my family I could invest in a camera bag and after some research and lots of price comparing I found a lovely bag on Amazon with 60% off, a bargain.

Yesterday it finally arrived, and I am thrilled to bits. It is a little larger than I thought but that is okay as it is very light and I can fit my bendy tripod and there is plenty of room for my iPad … even my Laptop if I want.

I am so excited to go out into the ‘wild’ and put it to use so this weekend I will be taking a trip down to the beach, park, cemetery or any place that can offer up some photo opportunities. All I need now it the sky to brighten up  a bit and give me some light to celebrate my camera bag with.

DSC_0004 DSC_0003My camera fits perfectly into the middle slot and there is still room for another lens.