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Today is my mums birthday and I have to admit, due to my personal desk chaos, I didn’t send her birthday card in time, now it will arrive a few days too late. But since she is only a phone-call away I do hope she can forgive me.

Sadly my mothers birthday isn’t the only ‘deadline’ that seems to have slipped in-between the years and I am now playing ‘remembering appointments’. Luckily my beautiful sister bought me  a desk-calendar which is helping me get a little bit more organised. Sadly, no matter how hard I beg and plea, the calendar is only a silent reminder and date-holder and doesn’t actually do the work, leaving me to do all the heavy lifting.

So with in mind it is time to say my good-byes for today and be a little bit industrious: make phone-calls, try to organise my day and get some of that dreaded paperwork out of the way.

my desk messiness

my desk messiness