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And now we welcome the new year. Full of things that have never been.

Poet Rainer Maria Rilke

After nearly three weeks (unpaid) of being away from my desk today things go back (somewhat) to normality. My hectic schedule is taking hold again and my thoughts wander back a few days – weeks.

Christmas was lovely, relaxing and filled with fun and friends. An adorable little tree graced my living room and spending time with people I like and love was a daily occurrence, interspersed with time spend reading in front of the fire or watching way too much TV.

New Years was wonderful. I flew over to Germany on the 28th of December and spent time with my family up north. Daring to hire a car and embark in driving on the ‘other’ side of the road I sped down the motor way and negotiated curvy roads to Zingst (former east Germany), a  beautiful seaside town on the Baltic Sea, about an hour up and across from Rostock. Spending the last evening of 2014 with friends was a perfect ending to the year and watching fireworks paint colourful stars into the midnight sky across the sea a stunning way ti greet 2015.

And while I have been back in Dublin for a week today I can’t help but feel I haven’t quite stepped into the new year just yet. Maybe my reluctance to flip the page on my calendar is the result of unfinished projects and goals still a little out of reach.

So with that in mind I will start this week with the resolve to not only organise my desk and classes, but to  take the time to try and organise my thoughts too.

Here are some photos of my new years walk:

ruin reeds tree2 hut tree sea wood