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Well if I had known that getting your wisdom teeth out really isn’t bad I wouldn’t have freaked myself out.

Yesterday when I entered my dentist with knocking knees and trembling lips I was ready to be sedated, but when I sat down into that evil reclining chair the lovely Pakistani dental surgeon took one look at me and decided I didn’t need sedation after all.

With one eye on my x-ray and one measuring my cheek he ensured me that I wouldn’t need to be put under but that a needle would do the job. letting the expert decide I leaned back opened wide and quickly shut my mouth again when I saw the length of the needle ready to inject me with local anesthesia.

Digging deep, looking for my courage that was hiding behind every other emotion I have, I let the lovely dentist do his job and he promised it would be over in no time. And it was! In under ten minutes he had tugged and pulled my wisdom tooth from its home, leaving me with a gap and very surprised.

I couldn’t (and still can’t) believe how fast it was and how painless. Other than that long needle I didn’t feel a thing, and now thanks to a battery of painkillers I am doing fine and I am so sorry I made all that fuss for nothing.

Now all I hope is that the filling i need will be just as painless!