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Today’s the day, my wisdom tooth has to go and at 5pm a man in white is taking it away. And I have to admit I am quite terrified about the whole procedure., but I don’t really have a choice and just want it to be over.

So while I know it is for the best, after all I am chewing the inside of my cheek and that is more than a little sore, I can’t help but try and talk myself out of it. After all – maybe, who knows, if my wisdom tooth goes so could any wise thoughts I may have.

And what is it with going to the dentist that is so horrific? Is it the smell, the sounds or just those big hands digging around in your mouth? And who, in their right minds, would ever consider becoming a dentist?

But no matter what the answer to these questions are I will just have to bite the bullet, open my mouth and let my tooth be pulled. And since the wisdom tooth is so close to it’s neighbour I have a bit of caries that needs attention too, woe is me as another visit to the dentist is on the books next week or so.

Luckily for me a friend will pick me up, even if I am in a doped up drooling state, and bring me home, so I will have a shoulder to cry on if all goes bad, and a hug even if all goes well.

But before my nightmare becomes real I have to lecture in my trembling state but I am sure my students will forgive me. And help me feel prepared I am charging my ipod shuffel in the hope it will play some soothing music to keep my calm in the chair.

And who knows maybe it won’t be as bad as I expect and maybe the hole in my jaw will fill up with brilliant thoughts and colourful dreams, making up for losing my wisdom.

You may not realise it when it happen, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you.

Walt Disney