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feeling blurry, like this image I took during the summer

feeling blurry, like this image I took during the summer

Yesterday was one of those days were things just didn’t work out. First I missed a film I was meant to review, it started half an hour earlier than usual so I arrived too late.

Then everything I was meant to be working on this weekend just didn’t come through, so now I have no idea how I can fulfill my commitments as my time schedule has gone out the window … and through no fault of my own but just other peoples disorganization and unreliability.

And when I checked my bank account a payment hasn’t come through for a job I did over two weeks ago. This meant I had to write one of those awful reminder emails that always make me feel as if I am begging, even when I know I have earned it.

On top of all of this I was just feeling annoyed with the world as so much of my time was wasted for naught, the unfulfilled waiting, the attempts at salvaging plans and the sense of being let down. And since I have been so busy lately my time has become quite precious and I felt oddly robbed of hours I could have spent differently.

Now it’s the weekend and while I have been given some unexpected time I will have to try and work ahead of scheduled and hopefully that will relieve some of the pressure I’ll be under next week.

But I have decided to use some of that free time for me and go on a field trip with my camera … something I haven’t done in weeks and I am really looking forward to it.