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10659225_10152847895904577_749420148324840704_nLast night I wandered around the corner and into my local pub, “Annesley House”, to enjoy an extra special evening with The House Presents.

Someone had decorated the quirky upstairs room and it exuded the spirit of Halloween. The theme of the night was Devils vs Angels and some of us even dressed up and pick a side.

Over some long drinks or beer, a few nibbles on the side, we enjoyed the soulful lyrics of The Winters and the quirky guitar riffs of Parisian Paul Pechenart – my french is too bad to have been able to thoroughly enjoy his funny songs!

10410539_10152847895734577_5170376086892175069_nIt was a great night and a perfect prelude to the night that is today – Halloween! I may not have a costume and I am too busy to try and create one last minute but I will still go down the Mudisland Community Garden, enjoy the fireworks and food with friends, ghouls and other freaks.

The Winters -Real Lies