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After a day at the desk yesterday I have a  long day ahead of me today: first five hours of teaching (no break), a meeting about some magazine design work and then supporting a friend at her film screening. Somewhere in-between meeting, teaching and viewing I’m going to have to find the time to eat.

As the day stretches long in front of me my mind wanders back to my sleepless night. For some reason I ended up working until early this morning and when I finally did get to bed i couldn’t sleep.

I hate that feeling when you’re lying in bed, knowing that you have to be up early in the morning and dreamland just won’t open up it’s doors and admit you. As I tossed and turned and watched as the minutes slipped by my mind just wouldn’t shut down and give me peace.

So today I am stuck with an overtired feeling and some rings under my eyes, I just hope that I can get to bed early tonight and that sleep will come. After all even if it is only a four day week for most I have to work this weekend.

So I will trudge through the day and hopefully I will find restful dreams at the end of it.