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Today is a bank holiday in Ireland and this means we all get an extra day to relax and kick back. After my me-day yesterday I have decided to use the day to get a few things that I have been ignoring for a while now.

There are a pair of socks that need darning, some clothes that need fixing (a dropped hem, a hole that needs a few stitches to close and a button needs reattaching) and my desk needs a bit of a tidy. And I do have a few other bits and bobs that need my attention and  a couple of letters to pen.

Then of course there are the normal things that need doing, a wash put on, a bit of tiding, water the flowers and preparing my classes or the coming week and starting some research on articles I need to write.

So maybe this extra day is just what I need to get my life back on track and to feel less stressed about everything I still have left to do. But then maybe, just maybe we could all need a few extra days every week to just keep up with what our lives demand of us. And if that is the case that maybe we are all just way to busy.

I was thinking about how time seems to be always full, how we are always rushing and never seem to get enough rest. How all days have transformed into working days, how we can’t really distinguish between weekends and weekdays anymore.

Here in Dublin the shops are open every day, so if you can’t go shopping during the week you end up using your Sunday to run errands. Few of us take the time anymore to allow a day of nothingness to feature regularly, a day when we just enjoy the peaceful relaxation of a Sunday walk, a family dinner or even to enjoy an afternoon nap.

So maybe instead of filling up these extra days with extra work, we should just let them be gifts of peace and quiet. But then when would I get a chance to finally catch up?