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Before the day has even started I feel tired just thinking about it and the end is a  long, long way off.

First I am helping out a friend and colleague and taking over her hour of teaching, adding to my already heavy load of five hours, six hours of lecturing, no break, no chance for a breather.

Straight after my class I will wander up to meet a friend, who has said she’d feed me, and then the two of us are going to see a film, one I need to write a review about.

So while the day may end on a pleasant note, I won’t be home until late and with the weather being so miserable and wet it means trudging trough the rain, getting wet and yearning for cups of hot tea.

The one ray of sunshine will be knowing that once I have survived today the weekend is only two days away, and it’s a long one at that! Monday is a Bank Holiday and maybe, just maybe I’ll finally get to wake up without having to set an alarm … it would be the first time in weeks.

You know it’s going to be a long day when you yell ‘Seriously?!?’ at your alarm clock.