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Yesterday was a long and busy day, but a good one. I started the day with going to  a press screening of a film, a documentary about the Glasnevin Cemetery called One Million Dubliners (review to follow).

Then I hurried over to college to entertain my students for five hours, non-stop, no break, rewarding but tiring work.

Once I departed all the knowledge I could in the time given, I could feel myself dropping into that zone of depleted energy and tiredness but my day wasn’t done yet. I still had a preview screening to go to with only a little time to grab a sandwich and some much needed coffee.

The advance screening was of much anticipated Gone Girl (review here) and since I had two tickets to the event I took a friend along with me. There were even some goodies stashed away beside the seats for us to tuck into.

I hadn’t really heard much about the actual content of the film, only that the book was a bestseller, one to read and that the film was meant to be one of the best of the year. Whenever these statements are made I am more often than not expecting very much, as false promises and the film industry go hand in hand.

But this time around I was pleasantly surprised: the film is really good! Both my friend and I came out of the cinema, a little dazed, and  we both agreed, definitely a film that deserves the attention it is getting.

Over a quick G&T we chatted, dissected and recapped the film and the recent events of our lives. So the quick turned into late and by the time a taxi dropped me off at my front door it was well past midnight.

So I am  feeling a little pumpkin-esque this morning, maybe befitting of the season, but I just hope that my students will be good and forgive me if my usually sparkly self is a little dull this morning.