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oreo cupcake

After my letters filled with delightful surprises in the morning, yesterday afternoon continued on its delicious path.

Yesterday, while lecturing, I had to not only change classrooms, but buildings too. As I hurried down Castle Market, one of those tiny little streets you’ll find all over Dublin, I saw a few vendors setting up their stalls.

One lovely bearded man was organizing a mouthwatering selection of cookies and cupcakes: red velvet, blueberry, vanilla, coffee, chocolate, just to name a few of the flavours that were on display.

The cupcake dealer must have seen the glint in my eyes, or maybe a little droll in the corner of my mouth, because he called me over and offered me an Oreo cupcake. It was new in his range and asked if I’d like to give it a taste.

Not wanting to decline his offer but unable to lecture with cupcake in my mouth I was uncertain. But my bearded hero popped the cupcake concoction into a little plastic container and I was able to enjoy the unexpected gift later that afternoon.

So since yesterday was filled with so many lovely surprises I am not sure how today is going to compete. But who – knows maybe I should wait and see, after all there are still many hours left before the sun goes to bed, and a few hours in which the moon may encourage some excitement.