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rosesWhen I came down for breakfast this morning the roses I bought myself yesterday greeted me, and their unusual colour, a dusky purply-pink, was even more stunning in the early morning sun. But that wasn’t the only thing that was waiting for me.

With a smile on my lips and a happy mood in my heart I went to check my mail and a few surprises awaited me. Between a few flyers, a bill and a bank-statement was a large silver envelope and a small brown one.

The large enveloped contained a night out – it’s contents were two tickets to next weeks cinema premier of Gone Girl in my favourite cinema the Savoy. Thinking things couldn’t get much better than that the small brown overdevelop was going to prove me wrong.

Inside was a cheque, one I have been waiting for for a while, but the surprise was that the figure printed on it was a lot higher than expected. And while it may not be millions, not even thousands, for me this pleasant surprise helps me with my October budget.

But Fortuna wasn’t done with me yet,  when I opened my emails I found my latest payslip and it too showed a higher figure than anticipated. What a way to start a day!

And since I meeting up the girls tonight the day promises to end as beautiful as it began, with lots of smiles, laughs and a skipping heart.