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husseinshoes morningSeveral years ago I went on a trip to Morocco. We went up into the Atlas mountains and walked from one Berber village to the next.

It was an incredible trip, a wonderful experience but also a challenge to endurance.We walked all day, slept on roofs at night and were up at dawn every morning. We showered in an ice cold waterfall, ate fresh oranges and drank water with purifying tablets.

It was amazing, I saw so many things, talked with my hands, feet – I don’t speak Tachelhit (Moroccan language), Arabic and my French is less than poor – tasted new things and barely slept due to hard floors and loud snores.

But when I think back to this journey, the experiences linger on in my heard and mind, vivid memories of a challenge of endurance and I am so grateful I was able to experience it.