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Today is one of those grey Irish days in which the sun stays hidden behind layers and layers of clouds, the air is heavy and moist and rain is constantly teetering on the edge of a downpour.

On days like this you know that autumn is here, those cooling down months between summer and winter that can be  a little erratic, even by Irish standards.

But I quite enjoy this season, I like the cosiness it brings, the woolen socks, the lit fire, the puddles. Maybe I have ombrophile tendencies (someone who loves the rain), or maybe I am a psekaphile (someone who likes drizzling rain)  but then maybe I just like excuses that allow me to stay in and read or write.

So for now I will take this grey day, enjoy it and wander out into the colours of culture night this evening, allow the creativity of this city to enchant me.

Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet.

Singer/Songwriter Roger Miller