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I can’t believe it is already Thursday, somehow the days have all melted together leaving me with the sense of how fleeting time is.

It’s funny how time is so hard to grasp, an abstract construct that turns darkness into night, sunlight into days, structuring moments into measurable increments: seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years.

Yet somehow time has morphed into something else, it flees at will, slows down unwanted, is often too fleeting to grasp. And it is our most important resource, one that we can never replenish, one that each of us only has a limited amount of, while the exactly how much is unknown and unique to every individual.

“Time is Money”, we have all heard the saying, and it basically implies that we have put a value on time, and that making money is the most important one of them. But if we stick to that it would mean that time is only usefully spent (pun alert) when the result can be counted in our purse.

However I don’t think that is true, the time we spend doing things we enjoy is the most valuable time of all, and if what we enjoy doing is even useful, has a purpose, that is an added bonus.

For example, I love to read, so that is time well spent and since reading often has the wonderful side-effect of gaining knowledge, no matter how trivial, it is also useful. I enjoy writing, for pleasure and for work. Enjoyable and useful. I thoroughly enjoy catching up with friends over coffee or wine and since it deepens the relationships this isn’t only a pleasurable past time it is a useful one too. I adore to travel and since this also educates me, it is very useful as well.

So instead of putting a monetary value on the fleeting status of time I think we’d all be happier if we decided to enjoy the moments we are given and take the benefits of what we do as gifts.

Lost time is never found again.

Benjamin Franklin