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frenchtoastAfter an extremely busy week and a late night I decided I needed a little something special for my Sunday breakfast

So with a few eggs, some milk, a sprinkling of sugar and two slices of toast I made myself some yummy French toast with berries.

It’s a treat I really enjoy but don’t make very often. So as I sat and munched on my late morning feast , enjoying the flavours of sour berries and sweet syrup mixing on my tongue, I decided to continue the day the way I had started it, slowly and with pleasure.

Now with the Sun still warming the afternoon air I can finally finish my window sills (I didn’t get around to them yesterday) and maybe, in a little while, I’ll make myself a cup of cappuccino and drink it while sitting on my blue bench and let the sounds of the city wash over me.

For those who’d like to try here is my french toast recipe (for 2-4 slices):

I whip up two eggs with some milk (maybe 200ml but I just pour at will, it needs to be a nice runny mixture, more milk means less eggy), add a little bit of brown sugar (about 1-2 tablespoons) and some cinnamon.

When the mixture is nice and mixed I dip one slice of toast into it and let it lie while I melt butter (much better than oil) in a pan.

I make sure to turn the bread, but carefully because as the toast soaks up the batter it turns really soft and tears. Once the butter has melted I place the slice of bread into the pan and let it cook. I make sure to turn the bread in regular intervals as I want both sides to be equally crispy.

While the first slice is frying I dip the next slice and keep going until all the batter has been soaked up by slices of toast and fry them up.

Place the toast on a plate, dribble syrup over the slices, add some sprinklings of vanilla sugar (others just use plain powdered sugar) and add fruit., my favourite are berries but any kind give s a nice yummy contrast to the bread.